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Family: Anatidae
Ducks and Geese

African Black Duck
(Anas sparsa)

Yellow-billed Duck
(Anas undulata)

Maccoa Duck
(Oxyura maccoa)

Cape Shoveler
(Anas smithii)

African Pygmy Goose
(Nattapus auritus)

Knob-billed Duck
(Sarkidiornis melanotos)

South African Shellduck
(Tadorna cana)

White-backed Duck
(Thalassornis leuconotus)

Southern Pochard
(Netta erythrophthalma)

Egyptian Goose
(Alopochen aegyptiaca)

Spur-winged Goose
(Plectropterus gambensis)

Cape Teal
(Anas capensis)

Hottentot Teal
(Anas hottentota)

Red-billed Teal
(Anas erythrorhyncha)

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